Tim Giles

Tim Giles

Tim Giles - Pastor of Inspire the Church

Tim Giles is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Inspire the Church. Tim grew up in Seattle, WA but did not regularly attend church. Eventually the pressure to “fit in” with his peers lead him down a pathway that almost took his life. Through pain and struggle Tim sought out God and dedicated his life to Christ in 1995. He soon left for bible college and graduated Rhema Bible College in 2000. Tim has been a licensed minister since 2004.

Reaching the lost

Tim began preaching as soon as he dedicated his life to God. Tim recalls an event, long before he ever attended Bible College, when he broke into a friend’s house to take him to church, “cause he was sleeping and wouldn’t wake up!” As Tim recalls it, “Well – he promised he’d come to church with me…”

Bringing Fire to our generation

Tim is an inspired speaker that is passionate about making the whole truth of God’s word known in a relevant, “I deal with that” way. He has been called to start churches throughout the region and reach his generation with the fire of God.

Tim has been married to his beautiful wife Jenny for almost 15 years and the couple has 3 beautiful daughters and 1 son. Yes, 4 kids. Crazy..