Growing Spiritually

Growing spiritually may mean different things to different people, or it may even take on a meaning of its own due to a season in your life. Some see it as being stronger in faith, or knowing God better. One sure way we know we're growing spiritually is the evidence in our life. You should literally see the results of spiritual growth. Galatians 5:22 lists some "fruit" that it is evidence of the Holy Spirit working in our life. The more you see these "fruits" the more you know God is working in you. Changing you!
We take growth seriously at Inspire. Because, why serve God if nothing changes?
Below are 3 Simple things you can do to get on track and stay on track
Next are some tools Inspire provides to help you with this.

3 Simple Things to Jump Start Your Faith

1. Learning the Bible  - reading, studying, and being taught
2. Serving and Sacrificevolunteer in church & giving
3. Fellowshipspending time with like minded friends

Growth Tool 1 - Learning The Bible

  • Reading the bible, first and best place to start  -> Online Bible Here (our app has bible built in!)
  • Listening to bible teachers, like Sunday AM at Inspire -> Listen to Inspire Messages here
  • Disciple Classes -> Sign up and attend Inspire Discipleship courses 101, 201, 301, 401

Growth Tool 2 - Service & Sacrifice

Growth Tool 3 - Fellowship