Inspire 501

Inspire 501 – Leadership & Executive Ministry

This is for those who feel a call to ministry leadership and executive ministry. This is where you use your talents and giftings to manage and organize ministries. This is a significant undertaking one which we do not take lightly, and we esteem greatly. This is the next level of leadership at Inspire. Here you have demonstrated the discipline and calling to serve as an ordained minister and launch your own ministry with/through Inspire. We are ready to launch you out into your calling to serve the body.
*Inspire 101-401 completion is required

Inspire 501 is a Ministry Leader Internship. We welcome everyone who is called to Lead churches or ministries to join. This will start with an application and Pastoral Board review. Next we will pair you with a mentor and being to train and discple you through practical experience leading at Inspire. You will also complete multiple teaching modules. This program takes approx. 1 year.

501 Opportunities: Team Leadership, Assoc. Pastor, Executive Pastor, Missionary, Church Planter, the sky is the limit!

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