Colossians Ch. 3 - Continued...

Aug 7, 2022    Pastor Timothy Giles

1. Study on who God made you to be
2. Focus your thoughts on where you sit with Christ
3. Behave yourself like one who sits next to Jesus
4. Your life in Christ should affect every relationship you have

In Colossians Ch. 3 Paul explains how to overcome sin and it's destructive force in our life, as well as attaining to everything Christ has accomplished for you. He taps into an ageless principle which is, Be - Do - Have. People are usually trapped into Do - Have - Be. But, scriptures, Jesus, teach us that we confess who we are made to be, whether we feel like it or not. We receive by faith the salvation Jesus accomplished right now. This salvation is designed to return us to what God had originally intended before Adam's sin and the fall which passed down the sin nature to all of us. Salvation tells us that we are righteous before Him, that we have access to Him and close fellowship with Him. We are designed to reign in life and subdue those things that are out of order with Heaven's desire. Paul writes that you don't actively try and reject the negative, you simply embrace the positive. You don't try to "Not Do Something", rather you make a conscious and serious endeavor to "Do Something", to use your faith and act how God made you to be. The Scriptures tell us to recognize and actively pursue who we are. A joint heir with Jesus, one who is seated with Him at the right hand of God.