Colossians Ch. 2 - Christ Is A Treasure Chest Within You

Jul 24, 2022    Pastor Timothy Giles

1. You'll miss nothing when you unlock the riches of Christ in you
2. Guard yourself from every idea that demotes the sufficiency of Christ
3. The war is over, Jesus completely defeated Satan in your life
4. Rules don't really help, only a change of heart does!

In chapter 2 Paul begins to expound on the revelation of Christ being in you. He literally describes it as a safe that is filled with treasure. Every piece of knowledge and wisdom is with Him, for he created all things, seen and unseen. Furthermore Paul goes on to explain that Christ has completely defeated Satan in your life. In fact it was an open humiliating defeat for Satan and every part of hell knows it. In light of this he tells us that religious rules and requirements are of no use, that the war is over and we must learn to appropriate what has been given to us. This is our Christian life as we now know it, that we are to grab ahold of what is provided to us in Christ. He is the treasure chest that lies within us. Sure pious activity and strict requirements or superficial spirituality apart from Christ, ie. angelic visions, are attractive and admirable but they don't have any real sustaining power. No, Christ is our first and only real answer in whom is unending almighty power, to bring about God's perfect will for us.